Tuesday, February 26, 2013

In case anyone was wondering...

My vote for funniest, plausible/accidental double entendre homophone in the English language:


Hands down.

Nearly. Died. Laughing.

That is all.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


HAPPY B-DAY, K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, once upon a very very long time ago, when I was but a wee little 6th grader, I had a bad habit. I bit my fingernails. Now, not your normal fingernail biting...like, my nails NEVER grew out before I would attack them. My mom tried everything. EVERYTHING. Even the seriously nasty crap they make that you can paint on your kids fingertips to make them taste disgusting. Everything. (Didn't work. I just got really good at peeling that shiz off real fast so I could get back to my fingernail....so odd...)

Anywho, enter my lovely sister. I looked (right, as if that's actually past tense) up to her in SOOO many ways. Round about this time, all my sisters got married...at once. But that's a different story. The thing is, K had the most gorgeous fingernails on the planet! Seriously, they were ALWAYS stunning. I was SOOOO jealous of her. I would tell her that constantly. I have memories of sitting with her as she would paint her luxuriously long nails any color, and they always looked beautiful. So, that year, for my birthday, she gave me my very own nail kit. And she told me....(now that I'm an adult, I understand there's a very good chance my mother put her up to it)

"If you want nails like mine, you will have to stop chewing on them. Work on it now, you'll get there someday."

Fast forward 20 friggin years. :)  Check these puppies out!
I know it doesn't mean much to anybody else, but the other night when I got done filing them down I looked down at my hand and I nearly stinkin teared up! They look just like I remember hers looking...except she has better nails, but who's really counting, right? Apparently I CAN be a grown up! :)  I know, those of you that spend your time changing diapers and coaching soccer are probably thinking, WHAT?! But, hey, it's life around here.

(Hahahaha, I just realized that hand pic looks like what most girls post with a ring on a different finger. SORRY if I gave any of your a heart attack!  No, no I'm not engaged. When it ever happens, I promise y'all will hear me (or my mother) screaming it from the rooftops before you read it on here.)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

That moment...

...when HF opens the windows of Heaven just a teensy crack and let's you get a glimpse. For that, I am so incredibly grateful. Thank you, HF. Thank you for patience. Thank you for guidance. Thank you for my Savior. Thank you for the gift of the Holy Ghost, and for changing it from being still and small to a loud voice in my ear when I really need to listen. Most of all, thank you so much for explanations. Explanations that come at the oddest times, but in the perfect moment for me. That is all.