Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"Spoonful of sugar" anyone?

So, we kicked it...AGAIN. Sometimes my family exceeds even MY expectations. Check out this awesome-sauce...ness! Tis pretty amazing. SKILLZ, people. SKILLZ. (Shhhh, don't tell anyone I had to replace N the missionary...)

We made all the costumes except the red one (rented). On the coat, mom LITERALLY sewed strips of different colored bias tape onto white fabric and THEN cut it out and made it. And she killed it with the white one...and I raided my DI quite a few times. Basically, the costumes were PHENOMENAL.
I learned how to mix music so we had Step In Time, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Jolly Holiday, and A Spoonful of Sugar all meshed into 7 minutes. J and K danced the appropriate dance in front of the truck to Jolly Holiday, and the ones on the float danced to Step In Time.
Below, you can kinda see that K and dad rigged a way for the boys to step on small black bellows-ish thingys as they marched on the float, which shot red and turquoise firework-looking-things up and down out of the chimneys.  (Originally, I wanted to have real fireworks come out...but somebody told the mayor...) And C spent hours cutting all the colored lettering out of sparkly paper that danced in the sunlight. It was just awesome.
L and I walked along the sides and handed out (of our carpet bags) plastic spoons with either a scoop of Skittles or jelly beans wrapped in colored tulle with an elastic band around it...asking the spectators if they'd "like a spoonful of sugar?"...which they LOVED!
 Well, one more year down! The kids really enjoy it, and even started planning next year's before this one even happened! Crazies...