Friday, November 19, 2010

HP7pt1...two thumbs way up!

Yup, that's me saying GO SEE IT. If you are a Harry Potter fan, go see this movie. (If you are not, you will most likely be totally lost.) I thought they did a great job. There was only one scene that could be classified with "nudity", and it IS actually something from the book. It's like 10 seconds, they don't show anything extensive. (If you must, close your eyes when the Horcrux Harry and Hermione start talking and open them again after the Horcrux is destroyed. I went back to the book when I got home, and, interestingly enough...I'm pretty sure this is how the rest of the world read this part of it. Just not us.)

Very, very well done. It is INTENSE, I probably wouldn't let my 10 year old nephew see it...maybe the 11 year old one if he had read the books. It is the first half of the book, and when it ends you WILL want more. The entire theater groaned when the credits rolled.

Good it July yet?
(image from

**Interesting...watched it again the other night....'twas a bit more racy than I recalled, but still not as bad as some movies. Judge for yourself...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Better late than never... (pic overload)

I know its been over two weeks, but here you go. Holy hilarious, Batman! Kailee, my roommate, did a great job with my F.R.I.E.N.D.S. themed party: replete with mugs of hot cocoa (OJ for me, ha!), and baked goods like it was Central Perk and Scene It--Friends going on in the living room. Lots of fun people, and another killer cake! Much enjoyment. Thanks to all.

Kailee, the beautiful hostess, and the spread
Me and the freakin' awesome cake
(I need someone down here in P-town that will say,
"Kare, go fix your hair"...oh well)

Yes, it deserves a close-up
(green on purpose...just for me)

Can you tell Kailee loves the camera?
(Please ignore the bottom half of this pic)

Everybody there at the end of the party...
so many awesome people that I love
(please notice Jay smelling Shalayne's hair....ha!)
(From me, clockwise: Isaac, Sara W, Krista, Maizy, Tracy,
Christina, Jennica, Angela, Josh, Steve, Nate,
Whitney, Lorelie, Karianne, Matt, Dan, Brian, Emily Anne,
Imal, Emily, Jay, Shalayne, Kailee, Jess's friend, Jess)

Everyone staring at me! If you can see,
I am laughing my guts out...uncomfortable.

FRIENDS: Christina, Lenora, Dan, Nate, Imal,
and Wes...apparently scared...

FRIENDS: Camilla (roommate), Megan, Nate, me, Jennica,
Sara, and Karianne

FRIENDS: Me and Brian
(He loves me, even though he looks slightly in pain about it...)
FRIENDS: One of the KKKs (my favorites):
Krista, Karianne, and Kailee
(Love these girls and their FRIENDSness.)

FRIENDS: Me and Matt
(Yes, I know, this picture of me SUCKS, but I LOVE this guy.
Had to put him on here.)

FRIENDS: Isaac and Whitney
(LOVE these two.)

FRIENDS: Me and Shan
(HA! I love this picture because she's telling me about some ridiculously stupid boy and it is fiercely obvious how I feel about it. LOVE this girl and her kickboxing class.)

FRIENDS: Me and my Gummy Bear Boys
(Ahhh, the Gummy Bear Boys...once upon a time I had a bag of gummy bears in my purse...which I decided to snack on in church--don't judge. Cut to random strangers' hands sitting on my shoulders asking to share. Yup, I fed them through sacrament meeting, expecting to turn around to people I knew. NOPE! That's how I met Dave, Danny, and Crum (not pictured), and they became the Gummy Bear boys.)

And last but not least:
Check out these gems!! Love em! Every girl should have a pair of burgundy suede ruffled peep-toe stilettos...

Here's to another great year!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Few things in life are this cute

Seriously? Good gravy, y'all gotta watch this. I couldn't help but share. Click below...

(**WARNING: this may make you want a dog...or a child...**)

Cute Little Boy and His Dog

P.S. I promise to post about the b-day bash soon.