Friday, July 30, 2010

Wish I'd had this 26 days ago...

One word: SSAAA-WWWEEEEEETT! Here's another late happy 4th for ya!

I'd have to agree with one of the comments on this video: "Many of us always thought Gene Simmons & the band "KISS" were a bunch of strange people with their faces painted for performances, etc. But it seems we may have been wrong on this issue."

And, to boot: the words of Gene himself: "Simmons... wrote about his love and support for the United States: "I wasn't born here. But I have a love for this country and its people that knows no bounds. I will forever be grateful to America for going into World War II, when it had nothing to gain, in a country that was far away... and rescued my mother from the Nazi German Concentration Camps. She is alive and I am alive because of America. And, if you have a problem with America, you have a problem with me."

Long live the crazy make-up-ed KISS front man, eh? Especially if he's out there supporting our troops. (There's a link at the bottom, just in case this video goes inactive.)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I see it as a blessing...most of the time

It's a regular dead horse in church meetings, albeit, a haunting one that deserves the unending strikes. At work it is either my eternal nemesis or my saving grace. Idle Karen can employ it for hours on end, while Dedicated Karen occasionally mans the battle-fronts forging through it.

But, when it comes to communicating with my family, it is nothing less than a great blessing. My siblings have quite the knack for eBanter. Truthfully, I treasure the disgustingly long conversations made possible by my dear friend "reply all". I always laugh hard enough to peak the curiosity of nearby cubie-dwellers...ALWAYS. For me, it allows my family to fill a particularly painful, ever-present void.

Hence, for me, technology is a blessing. Long live the undeniably entertaining family conversations.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It has been a while...

I haven't posted a dance for a while, but this one was so enjoyable! Just a great number. Enjoy (so long as it doesn't get removed...).

(Ya, you have to follow the link. I can't embed...)

Great Dance

Friday, July 16, 2010

A must-see: New Spice

HOLY HILARIOUS, Batman. Seriously. Good Friday fun!
(If you haven't seen the Old Spice commercial, you should probably watch it first here.)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Those kind of memories...

I'm derailing my focus for just a second to give thanks for the kind of memories that make you smile in the busiest of traffic, the least secluded isle of the grocery store, and, most deplorably, in the middle of Sacrament meeting. Those memories that whisk the lucky owner back to the instant of uncontrollable hilarity. Those memories that, during relay to another, require the sympathetic regret, "I wish you could have been there."

Hopefully all of you have, what I like to call, a "Favorite Funny Memory Folder" available for frolicking whenever you so desire. Though, the moments that rip open that memory without your permission are the greatest...and the reason for this rant...

People from various times in my life will understand the following:
  • Angel's head in the fan.
  • The #53.
  • Davide and the stairs.
  • Me and the stairs.
  • "Isshe gonna come in heere, he gonna...".
  • Grandma G's comment at dinner last week.
You get the idea. And PLEASE, if you can think of others that I may not remember, freely divulge them in the comments. Have at it, friends. I love hilarity.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hasta luego "Karen Green"...Hola "Ella Azul", eh?

Conozca mi carro nuevo!

Pardon the sucky phone pics, but that's all I've got.

Isn't she pretty? :) I tried to get a good picture of how the shimmer in it shines turquoise in the sun, but, to no avail. Oh well. Take heart in knowing its a gorgeous dark blue with shimmer.

And for those mourning the oh-so-obviously-me green car (believe me, I understand): no, she didn't meet her demise. I simply met the end of the lease. I'm sure some other green-lover will enjoy her too.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Better late than never...

All right, all right. Yes, I'm a little behind on the patriotic post. However, rest assured that my intense love of my country and those who made/make its existence possible is fully in tact. No matter how I try, words fail to express the enormity of such feelings...

Live it. Love it.
Try not to take advantage of it.
The end.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hecka S.I.C.K.

*Disclaimer: if hip hop ain't yo thang...I can't be held responsible. I love it. Should you decide to watch it anyway, please remember that this kid has NEVER done hip hop before...inconceivable.*

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, can't express how much I love this! SO great. If you've known me throughout my love of SYTYCD, you are already privy to my adoration for Twitch...let's not go there...
  • Love me some Twitch
  • Love me some groove
  • Love me some Nap y Tab
Roll em all together....Emmy. Money.

Oh, and HECK YA, Alex! Di'in't know ya had it in ya...