Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I see it as a blessing...most of the time

It's a regular dead horse in church meetings, albeit, a haunting one that deserves the unending strikes. At work it is either my eternal nemesis or my saving grace. Idle Karen can employ it for hours on end, while Dedicated Karen occasionally mans the battle-fronts forging through it.

But, when it comes to communicating with my family, it is nothing less than a great blessing. My siblings have quite the knack for eBanter. Truthfully, I treasure the disgustingly long conversations made possible by my dear friend "reply all". I always laugh hard enough to peak the curiosity of nearby cubie-dwellers...ALWAYS. For me, it allows my family to fill a particularly painful, ever-present void.

Hence, for me, technology is a blessing. Long live the undeniably entertaining family conversations.