Thursday, July 15, 2010

Those kind of memories...

I'm derailing my focus for just a second to give thanks for the kind of memories that make you smile in the busiest of traffic, the least secluded isle of the grocery store, and, most deplorably, in the middle of Sacrament meeting. Those memories that whisk the lucky owner back to the instant of uncontrollable hilarity. Those memories that, during relay to another, require the sympathetic regret, "I wish you could have been there."

Hopefully all of you have, what I like to call, a "Favorite Funny Memory Folder" available for frolicking whenever you so desire. Though, the moments that rip open that memory without your permission are the greatest...and the reason for this rant...

People from various times in my life will understand the following:
  • Angel's head in the fan.
  • The #53.
  • Davide and the stairs.
  • Me and the stairs.
  • "Isshe gonna come in heere, he gonna...".
  • Grandma G's comment at dinner last week.
You get the idea. And PLEASE, if you can think of others that I may not remember, freely divulge them in the comments. Have at it, friends. I love hilarity.


  1. What did Grandma say at dinner? Seriously I have to make you some NICE blogwear. I'm embarrassed (can't spell that) to say that as your sister I design digi graphics. You describe what you like...I'll make it. And if it includes a ribbon, it'll actually look like a ribbon. Plus you need a header.

  2. AHAHAH. you're hilarious. we'll chat about it this weekend.

  3. Throwing candy on the balcony of the guys that lived behind us... was it candy?

  4. My prototype just blew up!

  5. AHAHAHHAHH! AWESOME!!! I'm so enjoying this! Bring it on people! Keep it goin!

  6. "worms in your tummy, worms in your tummy...", and all the many "Whose Line" nights.
    Laying on the floor in the hallway having a conversation completely in sign language, even though it meant that it took us 15 min to get a single point across.

  7. HEE HEE!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. This is the greatest comment-fetching post ever. KEEP IT COMIN!