Sunday, October 24, 2010

What do you do in your spare time?

You're right. For one Karen Ella, "spare time" is a mythical wonder that resides excruciatingly out-of-reach like marital bliss...or smaller bazungas... But alas, at times Creative Karen is called to the rescue, and the hours of 5pm - 4am are awarded a new label: spare time.

It all began with a simple text around 2pm a few Fridays ago...

  • one roommate in charge of the BYU Graduate Student Society
  • one Homecoming parade
  • one professor's SmartCar
  • one sketch of a whim on a napkin
  • NO TIME in the life of graduate students to consider it until the night before
Mix together in one medium-sized room. Add 12 large foam core boards, a splash of huffing-worthy glue, navy broadcloth, a sewing machine, shiny braid, killer knot-tying skill, and a pinch of insomnia. Shake well until 4 am...VOILA!


Left a mark on the 2010 pa-to-the-rizz-ade, yes I did...

We finally went to bed at 4 am, lethally giddy at the fact that it had actually worked. But, we were meeting the car in the parking lot at 8 am for the moment of truth. (Yes, it was concocted without the actual car.) SO, we enlisted Awesome Isaac and his truck...and then I proceeded to freeze what is left of my keister off whilst riding in the truck bed, clinging to my precious, random creation at 7 freakin 30 in the morning for the 5 mile ride!! I have no idea how long it is, but it seemed to last FOREVER. Isaac had to go slowly enough to prevent the hat from taking flight. Holy cold!

That's me on 3.5 hours of sleep after a horridly long week (borderline maniacal). But it was a HIT. Could not have fit the car more perfectly. Get it?
  • Graduate Students (Society)
  • SmartCar
  • Throwin' Smarties
  • Awesome.
Done and done. They lined up to spread the goodness all over P-town. I took my lovely self home. And died.

Like I said, SKILLZ.


  1. ha ha ha! That is SUPER awesome!

  2. WOW!! that looks like something u would do!!!! haha!!

  3. It totally has your name all over it! LOOOVE IT! Cort is single but he hates being set up, so it would take major talking into.

  4. Oh my Karen....I am proud to call you friend!

  5. Luuuuuv It. Now you may be thankful for your previous float experience. How else would you have ever dared even try it??

  6. Amen. Couldn't have even thought through the process without my already impressive float resume! ;)

  7. AHAHHAAAHAA! Gotta be honest, despite all the incredible talent displayed, my FAVORITE part of the post is the bazungas. That gave me a good giggle. Probably because I relate all too well....

  8. Gotta use all that education for something, right?


  9. Love it.

    Although I can't say that I am all that surprised that you came up with such a gem. The Cottle float at the Trenton 24th is always the most impressive.

  10. Karen, you're amazing. Really, that is so creative and it turned out perfect! Thank your mother for all those years of making parade floats that prepared you for this task. :)

  11. Awwwww, you are all so nice! Thanks! Tis true though, the float-making background is probably undeniably responsible. More than anything, it just gives me this weird sense of "I can make anything" that sometimes is not such a good thing (as it allows Creative Karen to take over my already precious time). Thanks again everybody!!!