Thursday, June 30, 2011

Choreography Brilliance

DREAM. COME. TRUE. Favorite dancers + favorite choreographers = FREAKIN AWESOME dance. Here's why I love "Nap y Tabs" (Napolean and it): they don't choreograph to the beat. They choreograph the rhythm. Their dances breathe with the music and it's freakin amazing. Pretty sure I've watched this at LEAST 25 times already.

(You can watch the judges if you want (after the dance), but they get a little out of hand...a lot out of hand. And don't ask me what in the free world they made her wear.)

.........nope. It won't let me embed...pssh.

Here's the link to another fantasticism: AMAZING.


  1. CONFESSION: When people post video's on their blogs I don't usually play them.


    This time I thought "eh...why not" And so I did. And I was BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER!! WOW! WOW! WOW! Holy crap! That was AMAZING! I could watch that a billion times over!!!

    ps I used the "!" 10 times.

  2. Yyyaaaayyyyyy! I'm so glad you did!!!! Woo hoo!!!!

  3. I don't think you know I blog stalk you :P, but I posted about this routine last night too. Love it!

  4. How did you get it to embed!??!!?

  5. If you go to the YouTube page, click "Share". Then click "Embed" and copy that code into your blog html draft.

  6. Love it! Also, your story about pilates made me laugh so hard that I woke John up...nice.