Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Solid Humor.

I know most of you don't care to click links provided on blogs, but friends, if you want to reminisce about college-life (as most of you have moved on to more productive stages--no pun intended), you MUST read my new friend, Wes's most recent post.

I. nearly. died. laughing.

The Charmin Cold War

Snippets of the goods:
"I suppose constant noise is the biggest downside to having a Jerry Jones-size TV in the living room. While we can see Jake Heaps throw interceptions with perfect clarity on game day, the time share ESPN gets on our TV is miniscule compared to that of Call of Duty. I just might end up with PTSD after living here,..."

"Learning to dodge bankrolling the T.P. supply is priority one when living in an apartment of mid-twenties barbarians. It's a game of chicken, each person watching the roll quickly dwindle down to nothing. Then, one day, there's just a poor man's pi├▒ata there on the rack: a cardboard cylinder with shredded paper tassels. The game is on."

Seriously funny.

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  1. I <3 Wes...So much...It makes me happy you posted about his awesome blog.