Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sign of the times...

A sure-fire sign that it's "that" time of a semester...

At approximately 1:03pm, you nonchalantly glance down at your shirt and come to the screeching halt of a realization that:

Your shirt is on backward. 

With no recollection of a spontaneous shirt-direction-swapping in the recent past, understanding's been that way since you got dressed this morning.

Awesome sauce. Oh ya. Just me, bein me...


  1. Bahaha! That happens to everyday. Except I usually have two different shoes on. It's legit.

  2. Oh dearest Karen, you've just moved up even higher in my love list. We are kindred spirits

  3. Like when I once realized I was on my way to school with one black shoe and one brown shoe. Oh so sexy.