Saturday, March 16, 2013

The linguist in me... shrieking, "False cognate, FALSE COGNATE!!!" Uh...the 12 year old inside me is giggling her can off...quite the opposition, I tell ya.
Oi. I may as well be sitting next to Joey and Rachel at Ross's keynote. Ha!

.......Xan and Kalliope: am I nuts? Wiki-friggin-pedia says this should be termed "false friend" instead of cognate. Have I really slipped that far??? Please help my crippled linguistic soul...


  1. I would want to call it a cognate as well... According to Wiki, "false friends" are two words with similar roots but divergent meanings, whereas "false cognates" are two words that are similar in form and meaning, but have different roots.

    These are similar in meaning and clearly have different roots. They're not similar in form, which gives me pause, but I still vote cognate.

    1. BAH!! Thank you!!!! I'm not crazy....whew....

  2. I would go cognate. False friends doesn't sound as academic. ;)

  3. You're gettin' too dang smart. I pretty much don't know what you're talking about. I hate to admit it but I guess my brain is moosh now.

  4. me too. I've been with toddlers for too many years now. My brain is struggling to keep up with 6th grade math. However, I am with it enough to laugh at the Friends reference...