Monday, September 20, 2010

Once upon a time...30 years ago...

Someone stole my dolly in nursery. Rude. So I bit her. In the eyeball. (That's right. The eyeball.) And we've been best friends ever since. Happy 3-1, Rachie Kay! Here's to 31+ more. Can't imagine my life without you.



  1. I think she is pretty cool myself!

    Happy Birthday Rach!!!

  2. AHHHHHHHHHH! That was so nice. I think it was me that bit your eyeball though :) At least that is what my mom told me (I personally don't think I would ever do that).
    Here's to many late night talks, knocking on windows, lots and lots of memories :)
    LOVE YOU :)

  3. HAHAH! That's hilarious that I remembered it backward. As you can see, I'm pretty sure given who we've become, I would've guessed I did the biting too...course, I can ABSOLUTELY see myself stealing your doll too...Ha! Yup, I'm pretty sure I took the doll. ANYWAY, you're a big reason I am who I am today. Thanks to you!

  4. My guess is that Rachel did the biting. I say that because one of the Munson children bit Kristina's eyeball when she was a baby. I think it runs in the family. :) Happy Birthday Rach!

  5. Yup it does run in the family! Happy Birthday Rach! Rachel got bit at my house too behind the door by Lachelle!