Wednesday, September 8, 2010

T-shirt buckles...Banana clips...Leg-warmers...HA!

Inspire by C-dawg's chat status: "Hey Mickey, I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight after Jessie's Girl started St. Elmo's Fire in the Danger Zone." After I laughed out loud and subsequently rocked out silently as each chorus raged in my head, this blog post began spontaneously frothing at the...keys. :) Read on, my once-neon-and-probably-spandex-clad-80s-product friends...

Scene: Karen's room, assisting her roommate (24) trying to figure out how to dress for the 80s party that night...

"You could peg the jeans."
"........." (Registering the weight of my age now beginning with a 3...)
"Is 'peg' a verb?"

Bah! I am not that old! But, yes, I had to explain, nay, demonstrate how to peg-leg jeans. I tell you... Senior-citizen feelings aside, the brainstorming of 80s fashion brought back some FANTASTIC memories. For one fleeting moment, I thought about posting self-portraits of yours truly modeling the following beautiful disasters...but, alas, pride won out. :) Instead, please direct your attention to the following list. (If you knew me back then, you're probably laughing at the flash-bulb 4-H memory now emblazoned across your mind's apologies...)

Neon. Taffeta. Polka-dot. Hair bows--shoelace variety, etc. Rainbow Brite. Cut-nylon bracelets. Bill and Ted. Boondoggle. Jewel-tone tights. Jelly shoes.
Guess?. Esprit. Ratting. Trapper-keepers. Stirrups. Thriller. Whitney Houston. Air Supply. Chicago. Hair-band power ballads. (Oh, the music.) Vogue. Hammer pants. T-shirt knots. Girbaud jeans crotch tag. Cricket. Karate Kid.

Sheesh, I almost couldn't type fast enough...this could go on forever. How about y'all put some of your faves in the comments, eh? Bless the 80s...and please bless that the fashion never returns to full force...ever again.



  1. ahhh the 80's... so horrid and AMAZING at the same time. I am so glad I am a baby from the 80's! :o)

  2. I remember the awful leggings with the lace on the bottom! AHHHHHH THERE BAAAACCCKKK!!!!! I also remember having some pretty serious Charm necklaces back in the 5th and Brooke Shelton! I also remember Brooke recording me a cassette of all of the hits from Tiffany and Debbie Gibson! Big Bangs, perms, side pony (back also....I NEVER thought I would see the day!), Rachel Andrew Jones and I had some sweet grandma glasses in grade-school....that, I am sure, both of us thought were so adorable! p.s. 4-H was awesome! My kids were playing fag tag (now known as missionary tag) the other day, and I thought of your house, playing that in the front yard, after 4-h! Don't forget the Mormon Rap!

  3. LOVE IT! Ah, Debbie Gibson... DUDE! Those insane plastic charm necklace things that you could clip the charms on to big ol' plastic chains!!! I remember that! Those were NUTS! You also reminded me of another classic: SLAP BRACELETS.

  4. oh my hilarious. i seriously wanted to grow up to be a debbie gibson or a tiffany. Tiffany was in fact my first concert circa 1987. And for some reason, we called the peg-leg thing french rolling your jeans. yeah, i don't know. and see, that's one of my gripes about the ugliness that is the skinny jeans phenomena. All they are, are stirrup pants sans stirrups. just saying. yuck-ola! anyway. i'd forgotten about those huge plastic charm necklaces!!! hahah! also, i had this lace madonna glove. it was neon green. i also bought glow in the dark earrings. to wear at the roller rink. yes, yes i did.
    and what about the mesh shirts worn over the tank tops in an oh so flashdancey sort of way? oh how horrendous the 80's fashions were/are... i don't know why they seriously think an updated version of them today is any better than the crap it was then. same crap different decade. just sayin! :)
    thanks for the teehee!

  5. What about hypercolor shirts and Punky Brewster?! OH, and hair crimping and scrunched socks....and I can't remember the name of them but those little clips that we'd put on the bottom of our t-shirts. (sigh) Love the 80's.

  6. What about scrunchies and oversized sweatshirts that have the neck cut out real big so they hang over your shoulder...yeah, I actually saw that on a model the other day and cringed. I really don't think it's been long enough for all these things to be cool again, has it?

  7. This all brings back memories! Tiffany and Debbie Gibson were awesome! The t-shirt with the t-shirt clips, big hair, and I could go on and on!