Sunday, December 19, 2010

Beautiful things make me happy...

Once upon a time, I got a great gift from my mom and sisters for my birthday: my Christmas tree. During our trip to Hobby Lobby, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted...classic Christmas colors? Trendier? What to do?

While I sat in an conundrum, my sister R started gathering choices, opening them, AND DECORATING THE EMPTY DISPLAY TREES so that I could really see and decide. It was hilarious, but it worked! I fell in love with the one that matched my living room: green, blue, and brown. I've had it now for three years, but this year I finally remembered to take pictures AND I have a place to put them! So, enjoy!!

Below are some highlights...

My beautiful tree:

This beauty was actually found by my sister L,
she was mocking me...I loved it:

This was actually an accident
(clicked while the camera was facing the floor), but I like it:

This garland could not be more me.
It is chartreuse and GORGEOUS:

This one is my 2nd favorite, the two-tone green is SO fabulous:

These shattered light blue glass ones are STUNNING.
Pretty sure they weren't meant to be ornaments,
but we couldn't pass them up.
They just perch nicely in the branches:

The blue snowflakes are AMAZING:

This photo is jammed. It shows off the lovely blue teardrop
ones with silver sparkles, the lighter brown ones,
and the darker brown decorative picks:

Love love LOVE the dark brown sparkly/beady ones:
Every time I look at these little green filler ones I'm reminded
of the crab apples from Grandpa G's tree.
Also, check the awesome dark brown stripey ones:

My sister K came around the corner where we were
decorating and said, "I found the perfect thing, but
I'm not sure it really goes..." She showed my mom
(the final decision maker), who said, "She HAS to have
those." Yes, your eyes don't deceive you. Those are, in fact,
sparkly football ornaments on my stankin' awesome tree:

True to form, the presents match the tree (mom's fault):

NEW this year, I was given a big ol' tree shaped jello
mold recently. I have no conceivable need for that
much jello, so I decided to be crafty...
I put some extra decorations in it! Love it:

Lest you worry about the random color combo,
it matches the room beautifully (check the rug):

Hooray for stunning gifts from wonderful people!


  1. Did you know that I always liked that your house had 2 trees.

  2. You would laugh if you saw our tree. It's such a conglomeration of the most random things.

    I love the green. It's really you.

  3. I love everybody's trees, no matter how fancy. And Rach, the total is up to three now in my parents' house. :)

  4. Your tree is so wonderful! I love it!! I am going to be in Provo for NYE....hope I get to see you!!!!

  5. Beautiful! You picked well. I need your sister to come show me my options. I love that it was a birthday present. We got Christmas ornaments at our wedding (in August) and it was one of my favorite gifts.

  6. PS: I tried your soup recipe. YUM! We all liked it... so thanks!

  7. So pretty. My tree is um... shall we say "rustic" with flair of "ghetto." But it has been lovingly decorated and redecorated and redecorated again by several sweet, chubby, and usually sticky little sets of hands.

  8. love it!!!!! the football is no surprise....