Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fab Foto: gold medal sleddin...

Sledding down a hill is for amateurs. We, when there is enough snow on the ground, ramp up the fun by tying multiple saucers to the digger, while dad cruises around the snow covered field at 40 mph, flipping figure 8s that feel like donuts as we hold on for dear life. It. Is. Awesome. E, as we'll call him, likes to put you in the ruts, ditches, or whatever else might prove hilarious, as he goes along. Friends, this was no exception.

Let me 'splain...

For those of you not yet howling with laughter at the sight (or the memory), let me break it down for you:
  1. The wiggly orange shreds in the foreground are actually the busted twine connection, having just snapped under the pressure
  2. On the right, the under-side of the electric green saucer, mostly obscured by the speed-induced cloud of spraying snow
  3. On the left, my head. In the snow. Speed upon impact: 80 bajillion mph.
Pretty sure I had snow in my brain after that one. As I recall, I was howling along stuck in one of the mid-field irrigation ditches grunting aloud with every speed bump. Suddenly, E thought he'd be funny and flipped a U-y, without slowing down. Naturally, as any former crack-the-whip master knows, the person on the outside catches the brunt. Well, that's me. Catching the brutal centripetal force. With my face.

The kids laughed raucously. I think R laughed so hard she nearly fell out the back of the tractor after snapping this action beauty. I even caught dad giggling his kiester off once I finally came up for air.

Yowza. Good times. As you can see by the picture at the right, my face recovered from the snow-burn nicley. :) jk

(This was a few years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday.)


  1. That's right hills are for amateurs :). I love the twine rope! hehehe

  2. LOL!! I am so glad you re-posted this! I had never seen it before. You always make me smile.