Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Great night. GREAT night.

(I know, I know...the week since has changed things, but still...)

Two or three weeks ago, my roommate asked me if I wanted to go to the BYU/SDSU game. I nonchalantly thought, why not? OH MY GOODNESS. Can I say how happy I am that we got our tickets when we did?!?! Everyone I talked to in the ensuing weeks was so jealous that we had them! We had a BLAST. (Even from the rafters)

(Krista, me, Krystal, Kim, Kailee...that's right, all Ks)

Did they get "Jimmered"? Yes, yes they did. Was it awesome? Yes, yes it was.

The students totally stormed the court. Jimmer was actually quarantined behind the announcers table for a while because of the crowd. It was FANTASTIC.

(Krista, Kailee, Nate, me
Krystel, Kim)

I loved it. I loved every minute of it. It was tainted a bit after Saturday, but we here in the UC have decided that they must have been exhausted still. The diehards also say that its actually a good thing that we lost. They say if we put together some crazy run going into the tourney, then we'll think we're invincible...and we're not. They like having a few "chinks" in the armor...a few chips on our shoulders...

I say, I like that we lost the same week that everyone else and their dog in the top 25 lost to unranked teams...because, hey, we're still #8/9!!!!

Go Cougs!!


  1. So fun! Wish I'd seen that game!
    Oh yeah- and you look absolutely beautiful!

  2. Was this post for me?! I loved it :)Thanks jimmer.
    I am still thinking about the YW thing and how we should bring this to pass and what should be discussed. let me know what you are thinking...
    love ya

  3. What a great time to be a Cougar fan! Looks like one big party!

    ps. Your smile makes me smile.

  4. Looks like a good time. I love that you guys made matching shirts.

  5. Sara: thank you! You're too kind.

    RachKay/Heid: yes, this post was for you. :) I gotta admit though, EVERY TIME they play that blasted fight song (that I now know the words to), I hear the whiney tone of that childhood keychain in my ears. In fact, sometimes I sing like that.

    Ky: again, too sweet. Thank you!

    Trace: love that you gave Kailee and I credit for that...they're actually $10 at the bookstore. :)