Monday, February 28, 2011

Well, honk my... (plus, some entertaining stuff)

Peeps. This is insane. I mean, I like it and all, but WHOA. #3? Sheesh. IN BOTH POLLS. Wow. Saturday's game was fantastic (and somehow intensely nerve-wracking given our uncontested lead from 1 minute in) to watch. A. Maz. Ing.

We got to go to the CSU game on Wednesday. SO MUCH FUN. Here's a taste:

(no, I'm not there with the guy in the video. sorry to get your hopes up. this was just sniped from youtube.)

As my anticipation for Saturday's game bubbled, I decided to comment on an article in the SLtrib:

"Oh, I hope this game is good. And by good, I mean both teams playing hard, ACTUAL good officiating, and...BYU pulling ahead in the last few minutes. :) "

Not 30 minutes later, my comment earned a retort from a crazy Ute fan:

"but, if SDSU pulls ahead in the late minutes of the game, it will be due to bad officiating, right ??

I was stunned at the number and intensity of officiating complaints after the most recent game vs. Utah ... from the wailing eminating from Utah County, one would imagine that they'd LOST the game ... the whining over the so-called "mugging" of the worshipped one reminded me of how it is that I came to actually DISlike that institution south of the point of the mountain ...

I have no dog in the fight this weekend, but honestly, I'll be hoping to see SDSU kick a** ... just to generate a blizzard of whining (another contributor to these forums called it Yning ... brilliant) over mistreatment of He Who Must Be Adored ... "

I was SO FLOORED. I'm not normally one to entertain comment fights, but COME ON... I countered:

"uh...ok. thanks. I was referring to the most recent game. not yours. And no, SDSU is a great team and can put up a great fight...hence the excitement for watching two great teams.

as for you, get off your Ute high horse, buddy. I actually graduated from the U. I promise, even if BYU wins, you'll live."

He spit out some retort that didn't make any sense, but I couldn't be bothered because within ONE MINUTE another crazy Ute fan did it again...

"theres that "officiating" card already! Booohaa HA"

Now, let's give him the benefit of the doubt...perhaps he meant "boo-ya"? Anyway, it was not a day to cross Karen. For the love?! I'm still a Ute, and I was ticked that they were simply assuming I was a zoob. Don't get me wrong, I'm also a Cougar (heck, I'm also an Aggie...12 years of college earns you that privilege), but I was not about to let them have at me like that in a public forum...oh no he di'int:

"Amazing how many Ute fans read so carefully. Once again, calm it down fellas. I've got a ruby-red ring right here on my finger, and yes, I know when to yell "Ki-yi!"

I also know crappy officiating when I see it. Here's hoping we won't see it on Saturday."

Needless to say, they ran away after that.

And, I'm currently sitting at 57 likes on my comments. Ha! Beat that SUCKUUUUHHHHZ. Don't mess with a smart chick who loves sports. It isn't healthy.


  1. I am proud of you.......other than the fact that you said you were a should never admit that. :) I love ya!
    PS I am still figuring stuff out with YW and will get back to you about when......we have a monster fund raiser this weekend and then new beginnings (yes it is supposed to be at the beginning of the is still kind of the beginning) and then I can think about other stuff :)

  2. hahahah. I tell you. Every time I sing that darn fight song, I hear your key chain blazing in my memory.
    PS No worries. I'm not on any kind of time crunch or anything...who am I kidding? I'm always on a time crunch. Point worries. When it works, let me know.

  3. heck freakin ya!!! you go girl!!

  4. You go!! This was so entertaining. No one better mess with Karen!