Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Can I just...

Yes. I can. Because this is my blog. Here is my take on it, in a nutshell. Rest assured there is an entire letter frothing in my mind...but I probably won't ever let it out. (I seriously considered writing it last night and emailing it directly to Dave Rose, but thought better of it.) But, it is along the lines of this comment I left on the official press release last night.

(when they approve it so I can get back to it, I will add it here.

Basically, I could not agree with these people more. (found on google) Especially in her PS. Do I condone it? No. Do I feel strongly that we should not ostracize him? Absolutely.

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  1. It makes me sick. I can't believe it. SO SAD......sad for everyone. Time for others to STEP UP.