Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dr. Karen and her...

Woo hoo!! Finally, something hilarious to blog about again...and we all sleep better at night knowing the comedic world has righted its ship.

I can't fully blame the hiatus on a lack of bloggable topics, true. I would submit that Comedic Karen escaped on some voyage without warning for a while as well. Or, perhaps she simply fell victim to the overwhelming, all-encompassing demands of Student Karen, as the battle of Winter Semester 2011 wages on...

Dull. Dull is the Comedic-Karen-voided life. Sure, there were giggles during a much anticipated viewing of Megamind, "AAHH! MY GIANT BLUE HEAD!!" (ok, really, I enjoyed that show way more than I thought I would...laughed a lot) Trips to the gym, albeit irregular, were laced with rat-reinventions galore, though none with enough captivation to warrant a post. (really ladies--and I use that term loosely--, really? have you no pride???) I even experienced a swift blow to the age-gut as the weight of 3-1 supplied me with ample advice for a heartbroken nephew. (nothing can prepare you for that...nothing...fought back borderline-maniacal urge to bust-a-cap in Wyo...) (also, if know said nephew, please have the decency not to mention any word of it, thanks)

Leave it to K-trip to save us all, much like the time Rainbow Brite and Red Butler valiantly restored color to the world. *sniff...ah, the memories...

Today as I continued my not-even-trying-to-hide-it fascination with the entire permeating realm that has become simply: "Jimmer", my good friend emailed me an intensely appropriately titled email: "Re: distracted?" The ensuing conversation reeked with hilarity. Why? Because K-trip is as unassuming, soft-spoken, non-Flagrant-Karen-like as possible...but witty as all stinking get out, and funnier than oh-so many people I have ever met.

I, in the midst of divulging my absorption (don't judge) into the elder Fredette, typed the following: "I, on the other hand, have decided that Jimmer is more like my little brother, since I intend to corner TJ somewhere and convince him to marry me. I've decided I am willing to be the sugar-mama to a 29 year old/good man/hot member...despite the rapper delusion."

K-trip answered back, with the "Dr. Karen Cottle and her husband, Christian Vanilla Ice..."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Does it get funnier than that?! I think not.

In truth, I understand that perhaps you had to be here (Provo) to understand the immensity of Jimmermania (see Obama's comments...that's right, Obama. I said immensity...), and that knowing K-trip explains how freakin outrageously hilarious this comment was, but seriously, I laughed so hard, so loudly, that 6 cubie-neighbors instantly prarie-dogged my workspace with utmost curiosity. Seriously. 6.

This was about 30 minutes ago. And I have yet to stop laughing. K-trip, you rule. Thank you for finding a long-lost version o' Karen. We've missed her.

Peace out, everybody.

Love, Rainbow, Red, Twink, and the whole gang...

PS. I actually don't mind TJ's Amazing. It's all about Jimmer and the path they've been on to get him to the NBA. Good stuff. And, I don't even mind his most recent swat at the NCAA opener...who knows, maybe they'll choose him. (Though many a bruthuh would not be down wid dat shizzle...) Ha! I kill me.


  1. Hey there! As I've looked over your posts, I've been laughing out loud. My son has been asking me what's funny. It's great to see what you've been up to. I'll have to visit more often :)

  2. Well hi there! Welcome. I will try to remain entertaining. ;)

  3. Oh, and by the way, I love your hair and you look fantastic!!!

  4. Aaawwww, you're too kind. Thank you!! You made my day. :)