Thursday, November 3, 2011 I come...

(WARNING:!! There are roughly 80 billion pics here.
Enter at your own risk.

This birthday has been quite the roller-coaster. For starters, I had a mid-life meltdown the week before. Sudden-onset, debilitating OLDNESS totally blindsided me! Sheesh. It was NOT fun. But...with the help of some seriously awesome people, I got over it...

Oct 22nd--Surprise! Jason Aldean concert tix!!!
I know, right?!! How awesome is that?! I love love loved it. It was so spectacular. I totally got my country groove on. Even more awesome: the entire concert was fabulous! Thompson Square was adorable (didn't know they're married), and Chris Young...oh CY... I heart these ladies so much. Thank you, a billion times over!!!
The Awesomes who supplied my ticket: Shan and Carissa

Chris Young is such a lovely individual. I thoroughly enjoyed it. That is all I will say. ;-) Seriously. Google his name for images....

The man himself...good GRACIOUS I enjoy his music. It's like country/rock. In fact, it turned into serious rock before the night was over. Oh yes, I head-banged with the best of them. So. Much. Fun.
I also heart his duet with Kelly Clarkson. I don't usually like duets in concert that aren't really duets...but this one they did WAY better than I've ever seen. Truly enjoyed it.

I'd say "by the end of the night, we were insane"...but this was actually the first pic we snapped. :) Thank you for the day starting with kick-boxing and Kneaders french toast, for the delicious Pei Wei dinner, and a GREAT night of jigging. I love you ladies!!!!
Oct 29th--the day
It started with a fabulous lie-in until 10 am. Best thing about having a birthday on a Saturday. :) My roommies decked out my house with birthday festivities whilst I was sleeping (kinda). So sweet. Then, my momma came down and took me to PF Chang's for a fantastic lunch. Oh my. I so heart the PF. And my momma. And the most thoughtful gifts from everyone. Thank you so much.

Then later on, some friends got together for a lax, divine indulgence in some Goodwood BBQ amazingness. *ssiiiiigggghhhhhh* So much good food. And SO MANY great friends. Funny note: oddball/hilarious waiter actually messed up my I got birthday dinner for free! Ha! Thank you SOSOSO much to all of you wonderful people who care to make me feel special!!

I have such beautiful does that happen??

Leanne, Kailee, and Christina (and creepy background Danny)

Krystel, Angie, and Kathryn

Krista, Carissa, Shan, and I

Me, Melissa, and Brian

My GBBs. Oh how I love them. Not sure who they are? Read this...but scroll to the bottom. Danny, stranger, and Dave. Love em. And love that they love me so much they brought some random guy to my party.

Oct 30th--the cake
You can see a bit o the decor here. My roommates were sweet and changed their plans at the last minute for me. (I actually ended up with "plans" that night to a good start, 32...) So, we had Carissa's delicious swirl cake on Sunday night. Such sweet friends to come back the next night and continue the celebration...
Check out my awesome planter from R on the table. Oh ya, it WAS full to the brim with Kit Kats and Snickers...mmmmmmmmmmm.....

Matt and Rachel

Krista and Joni

Jaynann and Carissa

Sara and Dan would probably both kill me if they knew I was putting this pic out there. Funny story: I downloaded these pics today in the middle of my class while sitting right next to Dan. Pretty hilarious reaction from other people when suddenly a massive picture of Dan popped up on my entire screen in the middle of a lecture. Hee hee! (Poor Dan. He's suddenly found himself as the resident of way to many of my life bubbles...)

If I didn't love Shan so much, I'd probably hate her. Look at her...she's so gorgeous. And SOOOOO awesome.

Me and Leanne. I just love her. Thanks to the Jimmer for bringing us together during last year's basketball greatness. Leanne...I just love you. For some reason, I always take a picture like this when Kailee's got the camera...

So much fun. Thank you so much to everyone who has been so thoughtful with cards, gifts, phone calls, emails, and dinners. I'm so loved! Keep it comin'... ;-)


  1. What a spectacular birthday week you had! I am glad you had a fun time. The concert sounds AWESOME.........all the food too. Seriously good. They must all know you well to fill your jar with kit kats and snickers (to be honest I don't really remember the love for snickers that much but TOTALLY remember the kit kat part :) ) love ya

  2. I stink at remembering birthdays! You need to be on Facebook so I get a birthday reminder. I'm glad it was such an awesome day filled with friends and family. Happy Birthday Kar.

  3. So sad I missed your mutty birthday! Sounds like it was fun!

  4. Happy Birthday! I thought of you but just barely got online. It is hard to pass 30 isn't it? I DO NOT LIKE IT (Sam I am). I just had to add that last part...
    Anyway, Lovs ya and hope you did have a fun ol' time!

  5. Seriously, didn't it seem like we should still in the 18-24 category? I can't believe how time flies! Sounds like you were SPOILED for your birthday. You deserved every second of it. Happy Happy (belated) Birthday!

  6. wait...are we 32? cuz i'm pretty sure i told the doctor today that i'm 31.