Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why is it so difficult to post in January?

What is it about this post-holiday season that is so unbloggable? I dunno. But, today my sister banished that lingering lack o' bloggability in one quick g-chat conversation.

Disclaimer: you may not think this is funny, but, if you know me at all, you'll understand her assumption and the ensuing off-the-charts laughter that followed...

Today, I had to be at work by 6:30am (WHUUUUT?) to begin the process that occurs each semester on Add/Drop deadline. When I got here, the system that was created just for one-and-only me...failed. Bah. Well, it didn't fail, per se, it just took FOREVER to do what it was supposed to: see, this system made my work-life plausible by digitizing about 3 days of work down into 1 or 2 minutes, making the 24 hour payroll deadline for 900 people possible. I guess it's a good thing I came in early. However, I was revived from my slump of frustration this morning after I willed my system along by changing my g-chat status to "Please, please please!!!"...which is where my sister K comes in...

K: what are you pleasing about already this morning?
Sent at 8:00 AM on Thursday
me: hoping and praying (seriously constantly) that my system decides to work today
otherwise, i'm screwed.
Sent at 8:01 AM on Thursday
K: It will. I'll pray for you too. You just have to make it through the day...
me: thanks. i'm tryin, but i've been here for 1.5 hours already...and i'm still hoping it will eventually function...
its taken 50 minutes to do what it usually does in 1 minute.
not a good sign
Sent at 8:03 AM on Thursday
K: hahaha I thought you meant bodily functions
Sent at 8:07 AM on Thursday
me: AHHAAHHAHH!!!!!!!
ok, that was funny.
I WISH. i meant my system at work.
hee hee. but that was funny.
Sent at 8:08 AM on Thursday

Ok, seriously. I laughed SO hard! And, I promptly let my boss read it...who laughed so hard she snorted. Good times. Much needed humor.


  1. BAHAAAAAA I'm glad you posted too. 'bout time! just kidding I know you're a busy person.

  2. Not going to lie. I thought the system you meant was your bodily system as well. Then I finished reading. Those were my first thoughts.

  3. HaHaaaa. I'm sure you needed that good laugh.