Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Brilliance...

May I start by sincerely thanking all those from whom I received gifts, cards, and well wishes for Christmas. I was so very grateful for everything I received, and so grateful for this time of year because it keeps us all in touch. Yay! However, those who know me will understand the sheer joy behind this post...

Every year, my family draws names for Christmas. It's a lovely tradition, and we have a great time swapping gifts. This year was no different. I love love love giving gifts, but when my sister L gave me my present to unwrap, the excitement in the room reached palpable...(apparently I was the only clueless one...)...(pardon the nasty cell phone pics, but that's all I got...)

My Awesome Blanket
But, wait! What's that peeking around the corner?

My Awesome Blanket--take 2!!!

Oh the joy... Sometimes I get a little nervous when the kids are so excited about something I'm clueless about (not sure why), but this was so freakin great! I love love love LOVE LOVE it! My sisters said they had so much fun figuring it out/making it that they wanted to make more...but, alas, I'm the only nutcase they know that loves both teams equally. Ha!

And, in other related awesomeness, I got home for Christmas to the room I stay in and found this jewel o' brilliance on the dresser (in my pink room with brown accents)! My mother knows me WELL, and I'm so loved. Need I say more?
I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!


  1. Your right you ARE a nutcase. My mind can't handle the fact of liking both teams equally. Not comprehendable (google says that isn't a word, but I don't believe them)

  2. Your family is simply the best! Love the blanket - it's totally you!

  3. UPDATE: totally used said awesomeness TWICE this week, for BOTH unbelievably great bowl games that came down to the wire!!! Love the blanket. Love football. Love bowl week.

  4. why weren't you at church on Christmas!! i was looking for you and you weren't there. and since you're not on facebook, you may not have heard that we're having a baby....

    seriously, join us in the 21st century and facebook it!!

    (i'm kidding. but not about the baby)

  5. Your family is awesome. Really, you guys are so thoughtful of each other. Love the gifts!