Monday, March 26, 2012

At the behest of my niece...

N needs her some Karen Ella. So, I decided to share with all of you. Unfortunately, PhD Karen is sucking WAAAY too much time out of my precious 604,800 seconds/week. Ugh.

However, once upon a not-so-distant time (like a couple of weeks?), my roommate and I spontaneously ventured on a relaxing car ride. If you know me, you know my undying penchant for driving. There's no freedom in the world like it. Someday I'm going to visit Southern Germany, or maybe Montana, where there is no speed limit. Someday. ("I would have seen... Montana....."--movie quote, anybody? Brilliant movie!) Whoa. I digress. BACK to the not-so-distant time ago...

C and I were peacefully cruising along...kinda in the middle of the night (the only time I-15 traffic is palatable...when cruise-control + 70mph = bliss), when we were instantaneously bombarded by a hoard of ravaging hunger pangs! Savages...24 hour McD's drive thru to the rescue!!!

I believe we took the Draper exit. The one that suddenly has 80 billion new stores/shoppes/eateries on it. Why is this important? Because, about 1:30 am at the McD's on this exit, we pulled up to the schnazzy ordery-menuy thingy and heard the following:

"Thank you for choosing McDonald's. This is MR. WONDERFUL, how can I make your day today?"

OH MA HA. I was so taken aback I think I blinked roughly 1.4 bazillion times, making sure we were, in fact, at a fast food joint, and then boiled over with snigger-pressure. (You know the kind. Where you purse your lips so hard they become a gasket? You've done it...don't look at me like that.) One look at each other and we exploded with laughter. Out right, belly guffawing. Right into the mic, back at Mr. Wonderful. It was HIGH-LARIOUS. When I could finally breathe enough to form words, all I said was, "Check! Done. Goal accomplished."

We laughed so hard it took us 10 minutes to figure out what to order (which is saying something if you know me and my long-standing relationship with chicken nuggets). When we pulled through to pay Mr. Wonderful, I asked him if he says that to everyone or just late night customers. He looked us square in the eye and very solemnly declared, "Everyone. That's who I am." Good Moses! I lost it again, and called out, "Thanks Mr. Wonderful!" as we pulled forward to the Hi-C Sugar-shot goodness that awaited us a la siguiente ventana. And then promptly giggled ourselves silly all the way back to P-town.

Well. Worth. The gasoline.


  1. FINALLY! It has been forever since you posted :)

    This story made my day, classic Karen. I could even hear you laughing (and I could picture myself driving with down doing 70+ ......good times)

  2. Ummmm, just so you know....I will, in fact, be livng in said Southern Germany for the next 3 years....and YES, you can drive as fast as you want. My hubs just informed me that is recent trip to the Frankfurt Temple was A-MAZING, and by "amazing", I'm pretty sure he meant "SUPER FAST"! 100mph....NO PROBLEM! I expect to hear very soo of your not-so-distanct travel plans to visit me. We have an apartment attatched to our house, so there are NO EXCUSES KAREN! LOVES!

  3. Sensational post, Karen! It's true, I've missed seeing your posts as well. The McD drive thru guy reminded me of a taco bell drive thru guy that asked me how I was doing, and after I responded with, "I'm good, how are you?" He said, "Short, fat, and happy." I busted up. He was quite pleasant.

  4. That is hilarious! Was he a few fries short of a happy meal or just really full of himself? So funny! Glad to see you still love to go for a good drive even when gas costs $4,000,000/gal.

  5. So have you been back thru to see if Mr. Wonderful was in again? I too can picture you busting up in the car. Bahaha