Monday, April 16, 2012

Singing with the fam...the whole fam...

Hey all! I'm finally nearing the end of this overwhelming year of school (not the degree though, shut it...), so I can come out of hiding sometimes! Yay! You will have to excuse the lack of wit. I wasted it all on my naz-tay azz-tay final over the weekend. Ew ew ew. Moving on...

So, today as I was perusing my long-neglected list of friends' blogs and adding my two cents, there came that point where you must provide proof that you're not a robot, you know, with the usually completely incomprehensible non-words you have to muddle through? This particular word ROCKED:

"eCrap" ...that's right. As in , electronic crap. ahahahahah! Now, its funny at first, but I think its BRILLIANT! If I could figure out how to do research and write a dissertation on the invasion of eCrap, I TOTALLY would! So gonna start using that. In that vein, I know I haven't blogged a lot recently, but in an effort not to add to the growing epidemic of eCrap (ahahahahahah...every time...), here's a goodie:

(I know, some of you hate clicking on links on blogs, but TRUST me. I have I ever steered you wrong? I didn't think so... click on it, give it a minute until you can see the pic of my grandma and then click on the music note and be patient. :) )

This is my extended family singing at my Grandma Griffin's funeral, with a total of about, oh I dunno...30 minutes practice? Sometimes I love my family. It does help that my cousin is a professor of music (he led us), but still...sometimes I think there are far more things that are hereditary than physical characteristics. Listen to this gem. And remember how cool my gma was! :)

PS. Isn't my sister fab!?!? Her eScrapbooking skillz amaze me sometimes.


  1. She was pretty dang awesome, as was your grandpa. I remember the fuller brush days in the back of the truck with fond memories!

    I am not surprised at how well the music sounds. Everyone in your family is extremely talented that way :) obviously in the gene pool.

  2. I love this song sooo much. Before it would just cry and now it makes me smile. thx for sharing!!! and thanks for your last post!! wootwoot!!!

  3. sometimes I feel like ICON lives in the pre-internet days (the days of the good ol' Oregon trail...classic). I mean we still use the black and green screen with the box-y letters. Wierd. Therefor my web browser need serious help before I can view this video. I'm sure that it is a classic Cottle/Griffen moment and very lovely. I'm sure that I will be able to view it the day that Icon gives out raises... (HINT: never).

    ps. BYU onsies...yes please! I will pay you:)