Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Uncannily appropriate signage...

Wow. P-town has really outdone themselves. It's like the signage gods KNEW I was trying to find something to blog about...  Cause, really. I don't know if you knew this, but...snow sports ARE inherently dangerous. Not just dangerous, INHERENTLY dangerous. That's right. Careful...
I know some of you might be thinking, huh...that's a good sign, right? People, this thing is NEW. It's new and it's April...the END of April and it's 80 degrees outside. AND, it is posted nowhere near a park. AT all. Nor are there any fencing, straw bales, or tables anywhere. Believe me, we looked...as if we haven't walked on this sidewalk a billion times before. Great park, eh?
      Dear P-town,
           If you really don't want people to build jumps... perhaps you shouldn't leave unattended large piles of consolidated dirt in said non-parks. I mean, you're practically GIVING them the idea. Just sayin... 
          Thoroughly Entertained Ella


  1. That. Is. Hilarious.
    Reminds me of the sign I saw in a museum which said, "The needs of dead people changed very little throughout history." Really. Wow. I guess Chad could have written his thesis on that gem.

  2. There was a sign at the temple that said, "Thou shalt not park here." haha funny signs are awesome.