Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stupid Karen of the day...

(Don't ever ask for something to blog about. Just don't....)

Uh....this one's for the books...

So, yesterday and today, one particular department has been giving me fits. Is that important? Kinda. So, I've been trying to reach their secretary repeatedly. Now, I usually pride myself on remembering numbers, but sometimes--when I'm particularly tired--I sometimes get them a little mixed up...

This particular secretary's number is x3163. For some reason I ALWAYS mess it up just a bit, but always in the same stupid order. It rings the wrong person (caller ID), and I hang up like a moronic 13 year-old prank caller. (for the record, this only happened the last 24 hours...)

Well, today the other person called me back:

"Hi, Karen? This is DAVE ROSE. I've noticed you've called me twice recently and I've missed it. Can I help you?"  #*(&$(@#*$&(*#$&(*#$&!!!!!!!!!! 

Did I know before now it was him? Yes. But I was praying that there was somehow another professor by the same name....not the legendary Division 1 coach...  Bless his busy little basketball heart!!!  He was so kind, though he did laugh at me. Called-for. I know. I stammered, "Oh dear. I'm sorry, Dave...but the numbers in your extension are really close to a....blah blah blah...I guess its good that I'm not wasting your time during basketball season, though eh?"  He very graciously said it was ok and then, "Ok, then, the next time you call I'll just know that you're looking for a secretary again, ok?"  "DEAL. If I ever really need you, I'll leave a message."  More laughing...and then the self-propelled humiliation finally ended.

Oi yoi yoi. Yup, at last measure, I'm about 1" tall right now. Oh sheesh. AND, I have little-to-no faith in my number recall ability. THAT has been safely reset to zero...

Oh, the life of Karen....


  1. That is TOO funny! You crack me up. Love the toes, btw.

  2. Hahaha, laughed out loud! Brilliant!

  3. This is epic. Classic. I laughed. Hard.