Friday, August 10, 2012

WOOOWWW, time flies. For some reason I find it terribly difficult to post in the Summer. Not sure why....

ANYWHO, check it:

Yup, this is what I'm driving now. I know, out of the blue isn't it? Me too. But it's good, and I'm happy. They say this is a "driver's car"....uh, "they" are very right. :)  Is this my actual car? No. Am I too lazy to take a picture of my actual car? Yup. I'm not so much a fan of the white, but my car has (legally) tinted windows, which makes it much more awesome. Thoroughly enjoying it.

In other news, here's the latest most awesome thing ever:

That's right. :)  Awwww...I just love these kids. So much.


  1. Awesome float as always!! Too bad I missed it (and seeing everyone) this year. I thought about chancing it but it's a good thing we didn't come since we would have exposed everyone to the horrible virus that made the rounds in our house. Next year... OH, and hecka sweet ride! Love the car.

  2. That car is AWESOME! I love it. It seems like you guys always had white that why you don't like the color as much?
    I, of course, loved the float. I look forward to it every year.

  3. love you too karen.....i should ride in your car soon, k?