Monday, April 5, 2010

The Quilt to End All Quilt Making (for the time being anyway)...

(Radar patrolled by big guys with pic snatching!)
As previously promised,
The Doozey
Pink, yellow, lavender, and "Karen Green" chiffon. White gathered chiffon. Cute striped flannel. White satin ribbon ruffle + pink chiffon ruffle (hard to see).

"Made-from-scratch" baby block letter appliques: white satin in the shape of B-A-B-Y on beautiful new pink minkee, which graced the back as well.

The kicker? The shiny, satiny pink "BABY" trim found wherever there was white gathered chiffon (a little hard to see here, but yes, that white chiffon under there is gathered all the way around in a frame). Ironed on, and then hand sewn for durability.

Extra thick bat (nearly too much) for added fluff/comfort.

Many many many thanks to my mom and sisters for endless opinions, help, and finger pricks encountered this weekend. Mom, Chelle, Linda, Kate, THANK YOU. I promise not to have any more insane brain-child projects for the whole family during conference again for a long time. (Click here and here to see what I made them do during the last two conferences...)

Now on to that PhD....

(Chelle, thanks for taking the pics. Obviously, compy and I are on better terms today...)


  1. Oh my you are one CRAZY girl! I wish I had half of your blanket making skills...WOW!!

  2. Awwww, thanks!!! It has been nuts, that's for sure. ;)

  3. That is seriously out-of-this-world amazing! Truly you should frame it and hang it on a wall. No spit-up allowed on that masterpiece!

  4. ha! Thanks! I figure that's probably what will happen to it. That's what happened to the first baby girl one. Thank you!!!