Monday, March 29, 2010

As a precursor to the quilt that has been sucking my will to live...

Where to a nutshell, I have (somewhat) recently made quilts for two of my dear friends' babies. They were each difficult, time-consuming, and well worth the effort! (Long overdue shout out to my fam for answering my expectant calls with willingness to help repeatedly...somebody share the blog-ccolades with mom.) Each quilt, having begun as my brain-child, is my pride and joy. They were each created specially for children that I couldn't love more if I tried.

That said...I work at BYU: Land of the Spool, Home of the Pfaff, right? So, all things home-makery must be shared...pretty sure its in the employee handbook. ;) No, truthfully it is fun to show people who can commiserate with you on the difficulty of such undertakings. This, my friends, is what came back to stinking bite me in the keister! Long story short, one of the more domestically challenged females at work confronted me about making one of my creations for her forthcoming grandchild. I, assuming she had to be joking, laughed along with her. To my dismay, she was serious, and my will to live has been slowly fading for the last 1.5 months as I created a doozey for someone I don't even know and a baby I will never see. Lesson learned: amount of energy required for such creation is inversely related (Kate, ask Chelle) to level of connection with recipient...don't do it again.

BUT, as a precursor to the official unveiling of the new beauty, I decided to share the two quilts for people I really cared about with you now. Only one pic of each...just a taste...

(Friends: love me enough not to spread the pics; Enemies: consider these copyrighted...seriously, big guys with guns...)