Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Confusing Putrescence

Deep thought of the day: how is it that some delicious foods can reek of the putrescence of a dirty diaper when finally released from their cooped-up container? An honest question for the cosmos. Why must one hold the nose when opening something as divine as potato chips? What is that? OR, boiled eggs! A great source of morning protein..til the smell of it makes me lose the lunch I haven't even eaten yet. Also on this list as of today: tuna, pre-mixed the night before with miracle whip. Whoa! STAND BACK, Bessie! Sheesh...

The biggest consternation, however, is that there is only enough of said putrescence for one whiff! Without fail, the next breath I (usually have to) struggle for is completely normal...bordering enticing! What IS that? Such an anomaly. Inexplicable, fleeting putrescence.......boggles the mind.

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