Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scariest environment imaginable...'s all ya gotta say...

How terrifyingly brief does "3 years" sound to any of you, eh? Three short years. One for each letter I suppose. Moses, gracious. 2011 = P, 2012 = h, 2013 = D. 2014...who the heck knows..... Ok, I'll go shiver in disbelief elsewhere. Three years......sheesh....

(FYI: I'm really ok with it. I know HF makes all things He requires plausible. I just
sporadically buckle under the magnitude.)


  1. WE might be in Belgium for the next 3 short years!!! i will keep you posted on the developments....Colon was good...nothing to report there!!!!!

  2. WHAT? Belgium!?!?!? You're crazy...