Thursday, March 25, 2010

A non-need for a women's restroom exists!

Today, as I slipped into the refuge awaiting me on other side of the familiar faceless stick figure with a triangle skirt, I knew immediately that I was in a place that rarely sees visitors. Crabtree Building (the College of Engineering building). Fourth floor. Women's Restroom. chirp.................... Wow. I've never felt so invisible in my life! Just then, the gawking that had followed me throughout my entire voyage in this building registered. Ha! I'm a foreigner...awesome. So, into the stall I went, closed the door, and turned the little handle-doohickey to lock it. It swung back at me. Eh? I repeated. So did it. What the? AH HA! Further evidence that NO ONE uses this restroom: the locks don't lock! The too far apart for the lock to work. Hee hee!!! I then proceeded to giggle aloud at the thought of dysfunctional door locks in the Engineering building...the very nest-egg of ingenuity in our culture. Well done, boys...well done. How are they supposed to know? It's the women's restroom, right? I laughed all the way out the door, again, taking notice of the shocked double-takes. That's right, I'm female and I'm in your building...calm down, Barely-home-from-your-mission-for-two-months Computer-lover, I'm leaving now.

Yes. That's me, same girl, driving away in a truck. Shocking, I know. My mad loader-tractor skills would probably stop you dead in your tracks, Summer Sales. Move along...

(My apologies to all the brilliant female engineers in the go girl. You were obviously quicker on the ratio uptake than I.)

(It suddenly occurs to me that this is my second post concerning lavatories in as many weeks...pensive stare into space...)


  1. nothing like a good potty story to give me my mid-day chuckle!!!

  2. Where'd you get a truck?

    LOL! "Barely-home-from-your-mission-for-two-months Computer-lover" Ha ha ha!

    Um...I don't think holding the wheel steady while dad picks up pipe counts as loader tractor skills. Scrape the corral? YES. Don't run over a pipe in the middle of a field? NO.

    So you are obsessed with bathrooms?

  3. You make me smile:) Welcome to the blog world.

  4. No, I promise I'm not obsessed with bathrooms. :) I was driving the company truck (all the cars were taken). Dude, my loader skills were honed during my teen years, trying to not die/kill dad while we strung the Christmas lights in the big ol' pine tree. No, I didn't mean on the farm. That'd be a lie...

  5. Hey Wend! I don't have Ralph or Em's emails (anymore). Could you let them in on this? Thanks!

  6. LOL. "Summer Sales" I'm so going to call them that from now on!!

  7. Oh, it occurs to me that you don't know that I'm really Noel, and not some crazed