Thursday, May 13, 2010


Inextricably linked to the unending, red-tape adorned political mayhem of higher education: formality. I understand the origin, and even the necessity in some situations. But... My dear colleagues, must my precious seconds be ticked away by the nonsensical musings of this ever-present tradition? I'm certain at some future moment my feelings will morph into gratefulness for such a learning experience, but, at present, I am simply down-heartened by the consequences of this so-called "formality" seeping into these relations, planting seeds of discord among us that may quite possibly sprout trust-damaging issues in our lives.

(Plain English: Position open at work. Application submitted. Interview conducted. BUT, it seems, at this point, that this first-round interview was simply a formality held-to for all in-house applicants. Gee, thanks. You know, I have a lot to focus on right now. If you simply did that because I already work here, a little heads-up would have been nice.)

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