Monday, May 17, 2010

Undeniable miracles

So, if you're in my life, you've probably heard me rant about the myriad of miracles I have seen regarding this stinking thesis. (I have decided to wait until the thesis is over to post about these momentous occasions en mass.) Well, yesterday, I forgot about them. I'm pretty sure HF and the blessed souls in charge of helping me through are thinking, "Seriously? Attention span of a gnat? That's all you can give us, 30 year old!?!?"

Sadly, sometimes, yes. Yesterday was one of those times. As I sat down to fail at writing my thesis for the I-don't-know-how-many-eth time, my spirit dragged. Really? It's actually going to be this hard? Bah. So, I moped my sorry can out to my car having stroked a mere three sentences in two hours. Tears began to threaten the cheeks as I cruised back down 900 East.

Some time later, while chatting with my mom, it dawned on me that I had been horrifically careless about my rings 3 hours earlier when I needed lotion during ward prayer. I'm particularly attached to one of them, so, naturally, my readily-surfaced emotions kicked in, causing my voice to quiver.

Moms always know when there is something wrong, but, for some odd reason, I always try to hide it anyway. I should know better than that...Dispirited Karen is a wuss. I felt like a 6 year old as I allowed her reassuring words of the increased likelihood of finding it tomorrow (when I might not be so riled) to flow in one ear and directly out the other. I continued to ransack my closet three times over, knowing I'd left the ring unceremoniously stuffed into the pocket of my now-hung-upside-down no avail. I'd had it. The energy being spent on keeping the flood-gates in tact pittered out, and the tears prevailed. Sensing that I couldn't really be consoled, she offered what should have been an obvious choice: pray for help in finding it.

Friends, I'm here to testify that He is there, tirelessly waiting for you and I to turn around and greet Him. What happened next can only be done justice in very precise form:
  • I scanned the closet floor one more hopeless time to be sure I hadn't missed anything.
  • I turned and walked out of the closet.
  • I said to my mother, "You're right, I should pray about it."
  • I turned back around and blinked repeatedly as I stared at the ring on the floor of the closet, EXACTLY where I'd been looking not 3 seconds earlier.
I began to sob. I hadn't even had time to form the thoughts of a prayer in my head before my loving Heavenly Father, once again, took a simple moment to show me that He is there. He is in charge. He is watching over me. He cares enough to give me my ring back. I should remember that He cares enough to help me write my thesis. It is something He wants done, and happened to choose me to make it happen. Buck up, Karen Ella. He is on your side. Stop letting the adversary cloud your memory of that all-important fact. Onward.


  1. Thank you for sharing that. You are so right and I think you are so amazing and always so uplifting to me. Thank you for being such a great example!

  2. You are great! So the same thing (pretty much) happened to me. I took my wedding ring off for a basketball game and when I got home it was gone. Kace had been tossing it in the air and didn't know where it was (he was probably 4). I spent the night on my hands and knees praying and scouring the floor for it. Anyway, I went to bed and the next morning hit the floor for a prayer. As soon as I finished I threw my hands on my bed in exasperation and my hand landed on my ring! Anyway, that is my miracle. Did I mention you're great?!

  3. Thanks guys. Your words help. I promise.

  4. You are absolutely right. Onward is the only way to go. :) Good Luck with your thesis. He cares.

  5. You are absolutely right. Good luck with your thesis! He does truly care!