Monday, May 24, 2010

Some days...

"Some days, it doesn't pay to get out of bed." I've heard this said countless times in my life. Today, I'm living it.

Exhibit A: This is the sight that greeted me in P-town this morning, on the 24th day of May, 2010.

That's right. Three inches of snow at my house. What the? Should have walked right back into my house, marched up to my bed, and climbed back in.

Exhibit B: At 11:51 AM, I received an email that began like this:
"Dear Karen,

Your application has been reviewed. Unfortunately..."

Need I go on? Remember my snooty post a while back about formalities? Here we go again. Thanks for wasting my time again, Y.

Exhibit C: (no pic available) Today, I'm fighting with Comcast. They're doing a digital conversion next month, which is great and all, except they forgot to tell any of us what in the free world to do to prep for it. Sure, they emailed me two months ago, but have they done anything since? Nope. Then, on Saturday, the creepy warnings of TV death scrolled across the bottom of my screen. Whatev. I slammed the chat-room door in my virtual Comcast analyst's face about a minute ago. Completely unhelpful. Seriously. Maybe I should put Kate on the case...

So, here I sit, at 12:36 PM, comatose in my cubie. Revving up the neurons needed to turn the page on the DU paper today, I see this...

This kid, 13 years old, climbed Everest. Really? I'm pretty sure I was barely surviving simple conversations with boys, having finally mastered the urge to wear only full-on sweatsuits to school, and memorizing a list of prepositions for Austin's English class. Not climbing the highest peaks of the world. That's it. Where's my bed?


  1. Agreed! I wanted to get back in bed too! There should not be allowed to be snow in June! I'm over Utah's bi-polar weather!
    As for comcast...I think they came around and gave free boxes for the change. I have not set mine up yet because I don't know how (I need a boy to come over)but if you didn't get one. They gave us an extra one even though I told them I didn't need it. Let me know.
    P.S. I think you are amazing.

  2. Whats the full-on sweatsuit thing about?

  3. In 6th grade, I had this sweatsuit fetish, of sorts. That's all I wanted to wear. My mom finally had to say, um, no. You have to wear jeans and a shirt sometimes. Weird. I don't think it lasted long, but it did happen. I know, right? Isn't that odd?

  4. I totally don't remember the sweatsuit thing. Weird that I wouldn't remember it, but now I would like to. :) um, just so you know Kace is doing the same thing and we regularly have fights about him wearing the same sweats AGAIN. Thought you would like that. And interesting that there would be snow in P-town and now in T-town. Enjoying it! love ya

  5. Now that you mention it, I vaguely remember you wearing sweats....a lot!