Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Consensus: I believe I will return after the Summer

A whirlwind of story-lines flailing at lightening speed into one neatly tied-off season 1.


For me, it was almost over before it began. I usually badger Hulu repeatedly the next day simply to relive my favorite moments. Today, I felt it a necessity to be sure I hadn't missed something.

A blink, and it was over. But a good one. I did like it. I think. No, I did. It was just nothing like what I was expecting. Mucho tears. With that said...

Dear creators,

Please do your show justice next year. Please don't sell out to increasingly nasty trends in TV. Long live McKinley High New Directions 2010-2011. Here's to more fantastic harmonies, beautifully classic hits, hilarious story lines, and less Madge madness. Thanks for the unparalleled entertainment.

A Gleek Hopeful for Next Year

(Good thing I have SYTYCD to satisfy my craving for the next few weeks.)

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  1. I love your Glee posts. I loved the episode, but I am sad its over for the summer. Seriously.... I fell like it just came back from the longest break ever! Now its gone again. Good thing I have all the music to get me through the summer. I am making my faves from Glee CD for my car right now!