Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Without further ado....

Ah the joys of Memorial Day with the G fam. Pretty sure Tami said there were 71 of us there, and at last count that was about half of us. Seriously. Thanks T & T for the great party, which served as the crime scene for the following...

You know those rarities in life that induce (yes, Chelle, I thought of the right word finally) laughter spontaneously, proving all other efforts futile? Well, here you go. Feast.

Indeed, the equal but opposite reaction overcomes the participants, and the only byproduct of this equation is "nearly-wet-your-pants" laughter. Awesome. (They're quick. Watch fast.)

Here we see Jeff lose his footing, removing the safety of the fabric for Candace and I. The resultant catapulting g-force is so strong that the opposite runners don't even have time to run. Yes, that's me bouncing in the background. And, props to my dear Candace (who really wanted this video deleted after we all laughed at it for at least 45 minutes) for sailing into history toward the camera, ending her journey with the greatest face-plant ever. The only one left standing is her husband, Whit, who incidentally, fell over laughing right after. Seriously hilarious.

We see a similar occurrence here when Sam slips onto his can as Will and James continue running, thereby launching Daniel 3 feet into the air. Too bad his feet are tangled in 5 yds of lycra. Another great ending.

See. Told you these videos would make you giggle while you watch them repeatedly. Go on. Hit it again. You know you want to... Happy Wednesday.

(I have got to get me one of these...)


  1. HA HA HA!!! That looks so fun!

  2. Ok, totally neglected crying baby to watch those several times. So funny!

  3. I want to try now! Looks hilarious...thanks for the laughter!!!!

  4. I totally need one of those too! I can't believe how big the boys are!

  5. I know, right? Seriously. They're all taller than me now...teenagers...

  6. Hilarious! What on earth is that? Where can we get one for the next neighborhood shin dig??

  7. Ha! Awesome, eh? They're very simple to make, the problem is the cost. Good lycra is $20/yd...5 yds means EXPENSIVE. But yes, they are hilarious. OH, and the littler green one in the background (for tiny kids) was only 3 yds, so that's not as bad. It is absolutely hilarious though. :)