Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hmmmm....kinda tired of this inner-war that's been waging since Thanksgiving......

Should I or should I not, share with this little corner o' the blogosphere the momentous "percentage-of-my-time"-suck that began on 11/20/10?

Only vote if you know what in the free world I'm talking about...
(That means the 3.5 of you that know better read this soon...)

To the rest of you: it is actually REALLY hard to know if it is, indeed, to remain unknown. No, it's not a man. Believe me, if that ever happens, EVERYONE will be the first to know.


(an homage to Miss Meliss and her awesome post-style)

(thank you to Juno for the "time-suck" noun addition to my vernacular...very learn-ed...)

(picture hacked from the cyberverse)


  1. I voted. :) Soooooo I don't know how I missed the last post. Way to go JIMMER! (everyone is Jimmer in my family......"C'mon Jimmer" "Way to go Jimmer." and "Why did you do that Jimmer" The word/name Jimmer can find itself into most any sentence :)

  2. I am pretty sure I know what you are talking about? And I vote yes!

  3. I voted, too, but I had mixed feelings about my response. I wanted an option that said, "If you're technically not supposed to then don't, but it's ridiculously awesome so if you can, then do share it with the world!"

  4. Ha!!
    Rachie Kay: Jimmermania knows no bounds.
    Masi-Mas!: I forgot you knew!!!
    Sara Sophia: I love it. That's totally how I feel.
    Thanks, folks!

  5. Do it! Do it! I brag about you all the time. You should take the chance to share this awesome news with those who love you!

  6. Holy Smokes you had better share! I have no what you're talking about but if it's something totally cool about you, we all should know. :)

  7. Absofreakinlutely!

  8. I think I know what you are talking about (If its what you told me about that one time at PF Changs when I was embarrassing that little waiter dude) ... If it is what I think It is, I'm with Sara. I vote Yes if the powers-that-be haven't told you not to.

  9. I vote YES! Do it! I want to hear more about it, but then we could just go for a walk too.