Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's my tagline?

An inquiry posed today in the devo that struck me. A question I pose to you, the folks gracious enough to read this sucker...what is Karen Ella's tagline?

For example:
  • ESPN: the worldwide leader in sports
  • TBS: very funny
  • Hillshire Farms: go meat!
You get the idea. Except: I'm not necessarily goin for humor...I'm goin for honesty.

I know what I think my tagline is...but brutal truth comes from devoted friends who will, in the face of today's PC culture, tell you their honest-to-goodness appraisal. And so, my friends...what is my tagline? Tagline, mantra, call it what you will. Tell me the truth. I wanna know...

(And now you're singing, aren't you..."I wanna know, what you're thinking....tell me what's on your mind!! I wanna know....." Ahhh, the 80s...)


  1. Karen Ella: True friend unfeigned. (hopefully that is how you spell it) :) cheesy, but true. I always know I can count on you and know that you will ALWAYS be my friend no matter what. Love ya

  2. Passionate.
    You are passionate in everything you do and love things with your whole soul. You are committed and fiery and I love that about you.

  3. I meant to say true friend.....love unfeigned :). I agree with Wendy too!

  4. :D You people are too nice. ;) Really though, thank you. Not gonna lie, not sure what to say......I guess, surely hoping to comb out any injustices I may have left. That's all. But, to come on here and read this...moving.

    Thank you.

  5. Hmmm, I'm not the best at coming up with taglines but I definitely agree with Rachel and Wendi's comments. I think you could add something about being a forward mover (if that is even a correct phrase) meaning that you are constantly learning, using and developing your talents and abilities. You're just awesome Karen.

  6. how about "female strippling warrior". In that you had to be born now because Helaman couldn't let women be in the army, but you are the kind of person that would've been at the front lines.

  7. hahahah! You're too nice. Thank you. Warning: failure to see the all important L in the second title word there MAY result in slight heart attack. Upon regaining sanity, I realized this was really kind. :) Seriously...more people need friends like mine.