Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I bleed....blue violet?

Welcome, friends. 'Tis well known that I have university allegiance issues. One large chunk of my closet plays host to a myriad of t-shirts, hoodies, and fleeces. Even now, I'm sitting in my office on the Y's campus with a red UofU candy jar on my desk, a Y golf towel on the wall, and my oh-so-warm navy USU fleece jacket on my coat-hanger-dealy-whopper. Aggies, Utes, Cougars...I love them all. Back off, I have my reasons (12 years of college earns you that right).

(Rach and Heid, keep reading all they way through...
you'll like it.)

Once upon a time (7 freaking years ago), when I ever-so reluctantly moved down here, I got an earful of crap about this being "the lord's university" (purposefully uncapitalized). Back then, I used to stun Utah County smack-talkers/make them fiercely angry by saying, "No matter how deeply you cut a cougar, they still bleed red." (OH man. Don't ever say that to a Y fan unless you're willing to deal with the aftermath...it's not really worth it, actually.) Please, people. Brigham Young, himself, actually founded the U, not the Y. And, BYU's president graduated from the U, and (at the time I moved down here) the U's from the Y.

What the?! Hang on for a second while I climb down from this soapbox....ok...moving on...

BUT. That said, reasons like this most awesome one below currently have the color of my blood leaning toward the blue side more than ever before. Even Y-haters like my sister R can't argue with this stroke of Bronco's brilliance. I don't even know if people outside of avid BYUTV watchers know about Thursday's Heroes, but they should. This is good stuff. Maybe if every college football team had something like this to play for...

Thursday's Hero--Brigham Larkin

My fave part is the look on Coach's face when he gives away his hat. With a wink and a trigger, you. are. awesome.

Go on. Grab a Kleenex and watch another. Each one is as splendidly, awe-inspiringly awesome as the next.

High fives, Bronco. Well done.


  1. AND another thing......when you go to a football team's fireside you realize that they know that football is not the most important thing. They have things in perspective. Another great program. It is great for other young kids to hear those big football players testify.

  2. Agreed. Those are pretty awesome, too. My fave part of those is watching the non-member players...freakin awesome.

  3. Its a good thing you put in that little notice about me and Rach reading on, because I about quit:)

    LOVED THIS! another reason why BYU. is. awesome.