Monday, October 10, 2011

Playing dress-up...

So, once upon a time, I used to be a die-hard costumer...though, I think that had more to do with the three ladies in our town who generously gave out home-made glazed doughnuts on Halloween than anything else, let's be honest. However, with age came waning interest, a lack of homemade glazed goodness, and increased laziness in the dress-up venue. Another contributing factor to consider: I hate dressing up for parties on/near my birthday! Nobody else is expected to do that when their birthday is, say, March 19th or August 27th, right? (Except you, Wend. Duly noted, my fine Hallow's Eve friend.)

However, on random occasion, I have been persuaded to revisit my stubbornness. A few years ago, my roomies really REALLY wanted me to dress up for Halloween. I told them the only way I would even consider it, was if they came up with an uncannily awesome idea, a crowd-wower, one for the ages...

Boy, did they deliver:
The S'more

I do have a picture of us just standing together, but 1) I'm too lazy to scan it and 2) this is SO much better. C and I are the graham crackers--the huge fridge boxes we had were spray-painted to look somewhat like graham and then taped to us. S is the chocolate--again with the spray-paint and tape. And M is the marshmallow, replete with an Ella-original white spandex suit stuffed to the hilt with white balloons. (We also all had our piece of the goodness face-painted on our cheeks.)

Seriously? It was awesome just when we were standing...or trying to walk/dance (ward party) because the boxes hit about mid-calf, and poor M could barely move (have you ever seen a 5' tall marshmallow try to boogie?...funny stuff). However, we decided to up the ante: each time anyone asked any of us what we were... "SSSSMMMOOORRREEEEE!!!!", and then we'd all run to the center of the room...and dogpile.


(Ok, really though...SERIOUSLY painful. I do not recommend an evening full of dead-man falls without the ability to catch/protect yourself. If it hadn't been so dang funny, we never would have done it.)


  1. That was AWESOME! What a great idea. I am NOT a costumer myself, but I enjoy others creativity a whole lot!

  2. That is an epic idea!

    I also miss the glazed goodness from the nice ladies in T-town. Those were the days.

  3. That is hilarious! Thanks for the shout-out although I rarely dress up anymore. I just make the kids look cute and call it good. Love ya!